What types of crowns are there?

Crowns can be made in a variety of materials such as gold crown, metallic crown (MK crown) and whole crown crown. There are many different brands and types of porcelain crowns. Manufacturing costs vary with the material used – the better the quality, the higher the price.

Golds have for generations been considered to be the most durable filling material for teeth, and it is still today if the regulations are followed. The gold crown can be worn so it goes “holes” on the teeth or in the edges of the post. If so, the crown must be replaced.

Metallic crown (MK crown)
A ceramic crown is an alloy of precious metals and merged with porcelain. The precious metal is the innermost and the porcelain is the outer shell. The color of the crown fits your own dental nano. It is a possible solution, however, porcelain / metal bonding is the weak link, and may be the reason that the crown does not keep cosmetic under heavy load. If the porcelain is exposed to

significant wear, the metal may become visible.

Helmetamic crown (pure porcelain crown)
Crowns in pure porcelain have become more and more popular in dental care. This is due to the cosmetic properties of the porcelain and the bonding technique used for fixing the crown.

Zirconium crowns:

Most used in the teeth of the teeth, because they are slightly dense in the color and can give a little “dead” appearance in the


Procerakronor: The first porcelain crowns used for the front teeth. They greatly relieve the metallic crowns due to their cosmetic properties.

Most refers to the fact that the crown is made from a digital print and then ejected. Either, the laboratory will scan the print that the dentist has sent or scan the dentist himself with a digital scanner: The most used scanners are Cerec, Trios, iTero and Plan Scan.

E-max crowns: crowns made of a particularly strong porcelain under high pressure – either as a Cad-Cam block at the dentist or at a dental laboratory.

Empress Crown: A printed china crown.

Cerinate: A strong porcelain crown.

Feldspar is often used for scale phases because they can be made very thin.
steel Crowns
A specially made steel chronicle used in childcare to keep the teeth in place instead of pulling out the damaged teeth. This crown is called Rockey Mountain.