Food that the teeth like

Dietary routines and what foods you eat are in many cases crucial to your teeth. Here we give you the most basic advice to avoid damage to your teeth.

Good eating habits make a difference for the teeth

Every time you stop food in your mouth, an acid attack starts on your teeth. Then a decomposition of the tooth substance begins, this continues as long as the intake continues and about 30 minutes thereafter. The teeth then begin to recover in order to withstand future acid attacks. Therefore, it is important not to digest as it leads to a continuous decomposition of the teeth – caries hole in the tooth. Eat food that your teeth like.

Two hours between meals is a good rule of thumb for the teeth to recover.

How often does the dentist recommend eating?

Three main goals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and a couple of snacks a day are a good routine. These should also be so good that you are comfortable and do not feel the need to snack.

Between these goals it is good to drink water.

Diet that is good for the child’s teeth

We learn or inherit our eating habits from our family. Therefore, it is extra important to have a good diet that our children take after. Dentist always advocate a good diet. Therefore, we ask about the diet at each survey in order to advise on good and useful alternatives if desired.

Your saliva protects your teeth

To make your teeth feel good, saliva is required. Saliva contains important substances that help to protect the teeth, accelerates recovery after food intake and rinses clean.

The quality and quantity of saliva can actually be improved by eating food that puts your teeth at work. Food like carrots, rough bread and apple gives your teeth a workout that is not only good but also positively affects the saliva.

But the coffee break and the Friday morning?

It is good to drink coffee both in the morning and afternoon traffic, the problem will be if you continue to drink coffee with sugar or a soggy soda occasionally. These continuous intakes cause problems for the teeth.

Likewise, Friday morning or Saturday god is quite ok as long as it does not happen more often than that. It is better to eat all the candy at once instead of portioning it.

In summary, a good diet can help you to healthier and stronger teeth.